Worlds Within Worlds, Time Beyond Time.

Crystal Palace.

“Blood Siblings” Corporation opposed by the Blue Stalkers

The Ein Voss Corporation and New Order Industries.



New Worlds

The PC’s learned that there is a greater vastness out there than they could ever hope to grasp. They found to their horror that the reality they though was real was only one among many. To make matters worse they learned had been imprisoned there and their memories blocked, in order to prevent them from learned some greater truth. What that truth is still remains a mystery.

A Strange turn of events

Dreams plauge you all during your next sleep. Dreams of strange and vistas, cities of glass and steel, endless seas of stars, and clockwork automatons. These dreams are at once, confusing and somehow familiar.

Olan Arnas (Deep)

120 gp,(11) 50 gp gems.

Gnoll Encounter

160 sp, (10) 50gp gems, 8 spears, two long bows, and 26 arrows.

Armor Encounter

Folding Boat.

The Dream

A recurring dream.

You are standing on a rise overlooking a vast dry lake bed. The area is surrounded by high snowcapped mountains that vanish into the clouds. The scene before you would ne idyllic if it was not for all the chaos. Two vast armies, you would guess 250,000 on each side, are engaged in pitched battle. One side is sheathed in glowing blue light and you gain the sense that they are your enemies. On the rise with you are 13 other figures, you can remember the most minute details of their dress but every face around you is a blur. Size alone make you guess that many races are represented. The Battle rages on with the light sheathed side seeming to gin advantage until a large contingent of the opposing army, itself sheathed in shadow, seems to begin to punch a hole in the enemy lines. Even as they do another group begins to encircle the glowing forces.
A voice behind you says, “We must hold them here if they get past us and the Veil is broken we will be unable to recover.”
A horn blows in the distance and you see another even more brightly glowing army streaming in across the dry lake.
“The Sun-touched have come,” The voice says, “We have no choice we must enter the fray.”

Dreams of Elsewhen

The player find themselves in the coastal Arainian city of Dalgran, each for their own reasons and purposes. Unbeknownst to them they all share one thing in common, each of them has been plagued by a recurring dream that could signal a connection deeper than any of them could have imagined.

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